The Clark Hulings Fund

For two years, I was honored to be a fellow in the Clark Hulings Fund Business Accelerator Program. With no financial cost to myself, I was able to dig deep and learn how to keep my art business thriving. I was chosen to be an Executive Fellow at CHF for 2018. The Clark Hulings Fund is helping me learn how to take my Mystery Train Exhibition on tour. The Executive Fellows will receive the services of CHF to rewrite the fellow’s Investment Grade Proposal (IGP) for capitalization and underwriting to get it to the point CHF can pitch it to potential funders. Meanwhile CHF expects the fellow to continue executing on their project, and collaborating with CHF with monthly field reports and meetings, along with marketing assistance given to the fellow. Please join me for the journey ahead. 

Link to Gregg Chadwick’s Clark Hulings Fund podcast with Daniel DiGriz.

Gregg Chadwick

Steps of Time

30”x24” oil on linen 2020